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This unit offers a complete service in the field of vertical, slip and horizontal transport, from design, production, overhaul, to maintenance and occasional technical control of elevators.


Performs complete service, overhaul and repair of low-voltage and high voltage engines of all types and manufacturers, power from 0.1kW to 6.5MW.


Sector that service and overhaul all types of circular, centrifugal, dump pumps of all types and manufacturers.


This sector includes design, engineering and consulting in the field of automation in the process and machine industry, in the field of microprocessor and information systems.

About us

MIKROMOTOR Ltd. was founded in 1990 as a production and service company in the field of electrical engineering.

Over 28 years, the company has grown into a successful family-owned company, which has over 50 employees, a business space with a production capacity of 2000 m2.

Mikromotor Building Image