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About us

Mikromotor d.o.o.

MIKROMOTOR Ltd. was founded in 1990 as a production and service company in the field of electrical engineering.

Over 28 years, the company has grown into a successful family-owned company, which has over 50 employees, a business space with a production capacity of 2000 m2.

MIKROMOTOR Ltd. is technically and personally equipped to perform the most complex tasks for overhaul and repair of electrical machines and devices, all types of pumps, service and repair of lift installments, and automation of industrial processes.


Before the establishment of the company Mikromotor, it was an independent craft shop established under the same name with only two employees.

The company was formed of workers from two renowned Belgrade-based companies “Mikrometal” and “Rotor”, which then successfully operated in the field of overhaul and service of electric machines.

From a small company with about a dozen employees in 1990, Mikromotor grew into a serious competitor in its business. At the very beginning, the company engaged in rewinding of low-voltage electric motors, and very soon with the acquisition of new jobs, it began to rewire the DC machines and generators.

With the arrival of new professional staff, Mikromotor begins to service and repair the pump units of the renowned Swedish manufacturer FLYGT.

In 1997, the company moved to a new location, where it is still today, and with the construction of a production facility of 2000 sqm with the necessary equipment, it starts servicing high-voltage electric motors and traction engines.

In 2001, the company expanded its activities and new contracts, so the company became specialized for service and repair of elevators manufactured by David Pajić and Končar.

The successful functioning of three work units within the company Mikromotor indicates the need to establish a working unit for automation, whose basic task is to improve already repaired devices and to protect them against new failures.

Today, Mikromotor Ltd. with 28 years of experience, 4 working units and 50 employees, is one of the leading companies in this field of business.

Message from the Director

Dear Sirs,

Today’s market conditions are challenging for all participants in the industry. At the Mikromotor  company, we possess a great fortune, which is reflected in the knowledge, experience and passion of all our employees. Experience and passion, along with the corporate culture, makes our company strong and competitive. It gives us new strength to respond to the most challenging economic conditions in the market.

For all our successes, it is important to express our gratitude to our customers for the trust and loyalty that they have shown us the past 23 years. Of course, we must not forget that our employees are the backbone of our continuous development. In addition, the company Mikromotor is making great efforts in the recruitment of new staff which should bring new ideas and knowledge in order to extend the business.

Today, we are working with a number of reputable brands from different industries and leaders in their fields of activity, and we are proud to share our success and ability in the market.

Our company is financially healthy and strong enough to cope with all the challenges and opportunities in the market. We, as family company, develop a strong corporate culture with a long tradition, and our constant growth, integrity and experience makes us a business partner of choice.


Bratislav Tadic

Managing Director