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Nowadays elevators are no longer a luxury and a matter of prestige, which is necessary for the transport of passengers and cargo. At Mikromotor we strive to provide our customers with top quality elevators and service.


Successful business and technical cooperation with several renowned manufacturers in the world enable us to offer our customers up-to-date elevators from the most exclusive high-lift elevators to low-budget facilities.

We can offer the following world brands in the following areas:

Elevator doors: Fermator, Telco, Selcom, etc …
Propulsion motors: Sicor, Montanari, Alberto Sassi, ZIEHL-ABEGG, etc …
Control commands: Aybey, Arkel, etc …

We install electric and hydraulic passenger elevators with or without machine room. Built-in lifts can be equipped with automatic or semi-automatic doors. The design and size of the cab are adapted to the size of the dashboard and the purpose of the lift, using high-quality materials.

Electrically driven electric lifts (VVVF) are the right solution for business and residential buildings with high passenger flow rates. Depending on the object and the requirements of the investor, we install electrical lifts with or without a machine room.

Hydraulic lifts – comfortable driving, as well as silent operation, are the main advantages of hydraulic elevators. They are ideal for residential buildings. The specificity and firmness of their structure ensure easy integration into small spaces. They are adapted to high European standards of safety and ecology.


We are able to offer a complete service in the field of design, production and assembly, from service and maintenance up to product refurbishment and modernization when necessary.

Quality-trained design, assembly and servicing teams provide a high level of quality services. The long tradition and the great experience of our employees ensure the professional performance of all types of tasks in the shortest possible deadlines.


Maintenance and service of elevators: Mikromotor Ltd. currently maintains over 100 lifts, of different types and manufacturers. We consider regular and high-quality elevator service of crucial importance for its safe and impeccable work. All lifts in the maintenance of Mikromotor are regularly controlled both by the internal service and by the annual technical inspection by the authorized companies.


Repair and modernization of elevators: The lifetime depends on many factors, the most important is the frequency of use, the behaviour of passengers, maintenance, etc. And despite all efforts, the working life is estimated at twenty years. After that, repair and modernization are recommended. Our modernization solutions extend and enhance the lifestyle by adding the latest technologies and services that enable greater safety and energy savings.

The most up-to-date electronic components are used to provide flexibility and reliability. Driving comfort and precision of the landing can also be defined, while the VVVF door control system provides a smoother and more efficient control.


Our service is based on the turn-key system, on a complete process from designing, delivering, assembling, attesting the plant and commissioning to regular monthly maintenance and servicing.

We have service from 0-24h, which is available throughout the year.

Design with technical control, equipment delivery, assembly.


Organizing a review of the technical correctness of the installed equipment in cooperation with accredited bodies. Expert advice, diagnostics of failures.
Organizing periodic inspections of technical compliance in cooperation with accredited bodies.


Machine workshop service – machine tool for demounting and assembly works and overhaul of elevator machines, machining with machine tools, locksmith welding works, rewinding of electric motors, with testing and defects, protection and painting.