Mikromotor English | Overhaul
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In the production space of 2000 sqm, Mikromotor performs overhaul and service of all types, power and in all versions of electric rotating machines.


  • Induction el. rotating machines
  • Synchronous el. rotating machines
  • DC machines
  • Electric traction machines
  • High voltage machines


Mikromotor has a well-equipped space, qualified personnel, and all the entrusted tasks are operated according to the established technology. By arrangement we carry out loading-unloading, transport and when is necessary we are doing:

– rewinding of the stator – rotor in the isolation class F, H or C at the request of the customer

– overlapping or replacing the new stator package – rotor

– replacement of bearings, brushes, brush cutters, collectors and everything else

– complete service and overhaul with high voltage electric motors of voltage level up to 10kV and power up to 7MW

– production of winding for traction motors and for high voltage machines according to the most modern RESIN RICH technology


We have machines for coil polymerization, coil shaping machine, as well as a vacuum impregnation machine for stator and rotor.


We use the best materials of famous world manufacturers for the development of our products and services.

  • We use copper and aluminum conductors in class F, H and C
  • Isolation materials from ISOVOLTA, DOLPH’s, ALTANA.
  • SKF bearings, FAG, graphite brushes SHUNK, MORGAN, ISOLA collectors etc.

Measurements and testing of el. rotary machines

All necessary measurements and tests are done in our production facility, and if necessary, the following measurements can be performed on the field:

  • measurement of bearing noise
  • vibration measurement
  • measurement of fluid flow
  • temperature measurement by thermal imaging camera
  • system comfort and centering

Mechanical unit

The mechanical unit rounds the previously mentioned units as an indispensable part of the work on the el. rotary machines, pumps and elevators.


This drive deals with:

  • design and construction of machine parts and assemblies, repair and repairs of electric motors and devices, as well as parts for pumps.
  • making new cages for rotors
  • making sliding rings, sliding bearings
  • making new shafts
  • balancing large mass and ventilator, diameter up to 3m and weight up to 3.5t
  • making drive pulleys for lifts
  • metallization and processing (shafts, bearings, etc.)

Ex-protection unit

Mikromotor is the leader in the domestic market in the field of Ex protection. Our products and services are used by companies in the petroleum, industrial, chemical and food industries.

We are authorized by the Institute for preventive maintenance of engines, devices and installation equipment in Ex protection according to the standard SRPS EN 60079-19 (operation of electrical devices in explosive hazardous areas).


We perform repairs and overhaul of electric power motors up to 700 kW and other devices in one of the following types of EX protection:

  • Non-flammable case (EXd)
  • Increased security (EXe)
  • Own Security (EXi)
  • Overpressure (EXp)
  • N capsulation (EXm)
  • Type “N” protection (EXn)